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Day 21 - Game with the Best Story


Kingdom Hearts II

Spanning 6 titles, with at least 2 more along the way, Kingdom Hearts has a story that’s got me hooked and wanting more. It involves a boy named Sora who’s been chosen by the Keyblade to battle Organization XIII and the heartless in order to restore the world back to its normal state. There are the heartless and there are the nobodies. The heartless are creatures whose hearts have become consumed by darkness and the nobodies are the shells of the person that’s been left behind. Nobodies are generally more intelligent and well organized than the heartless. The stronger the original heart that was consumed, the stronger their nobody is.

Organization XIII are the strongest of the nobodies and they govern how the nobodies will act. Their ultimate goal is to use the Keyblade to collect as many hearts as possible so that they may acquire them and become whole once more. These collected hearts become Kingdom Hearts. So when Sora comes along with the ability to wield the Keyblade, (think of the Keyblade like the Sword in the Stone… it chooses who is worthy) Organization XIII captures Kairi, his childhood friend, and Sora allows himself to become consumed by darkness, creating a heartless and his nobody, Roxas, (anagram of Sora and an X, typical of all nobodies and their originals’ names) to save her.

King Mickey protects Sora and tries to stop Roxas (who is actually the 13th member of the organization) and the Organization from collecting all of these hearts and creating an unbalance in the world. In order to do so, Sora must use the Keyblade to free the hearts instead. Accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy, they travel through the many worlds of Disney eliminating darkness from them.

The game is beautiful, the story is unlike any other game I’ve ever played and takes my place for Game with the Best Story. This series, along with other choice games are why I still haven’t given up on Square Enix yet… >_> haha

If I had to choose one game in the series with the best story, I’d have to pick Kingdom Hearts II. They were the first to really introduce Organization XIII and establish the main purpose of Kingdom Hearts.

JRPGs + Disney = WIN