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Had a pretty chillax day today. Hung out with the parents and organized my old laptop for my dad and then sorted out his email issues. I left the house around 4:30 and got to David’s place for 5. Took my wii over and played Donkey Kong Country Returns for a little with him before heading over to Danusha’s place to take him to Square One so he could go gift shopping. That man is more difficult to shop with than a girl.

After that we headed over to Chaitya’s house and watched Elf after we couldn’t decide what else to do or where to go. Parth came over too. We then spent an hour on Sporcle doing quizzes. By then it was 1 in the morning.

The drive home was relaxing for the most part… until I drove by these guys who then caught up to me at a red light and tried to catch my eye to wave at me…

Things guys shouldn’t do to girls they don’t know:

-wave at her from the backseat of a car any time past midnight

- stop her to ask for directions or the time

Nothing else is coming to me now… but unless you know her, boys just shouldn’t talk to girls. You will scare us off.

So yea, for the rest of the drive home I tried to calm myself down. I tried to make myself believe that he was just being friendly and waving to me. It really didn’t help that he had a fucking creepy moustache and goatee though.

Tomorrow I drive to St. Catharines to pick my brother up from Brock. I’m going alone! So excited =]