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Day 29 - A game I didn’t think I’d like, but ended up Loving

Who knew, right? By the time Halo 3 was released in 2007, I thought that Bungie was just trying really hard to milk the series, but I found Halo: Reach to be surprisingly refreshing. I never really paid much attention to the campaign for this series, but the multiplayer for this game has been really fun. This is the first game where I’ve actually worked hard to get my ranking.

Ryan, hyoung and Mark play all the time, and I used to join them from time to time. Soon enough, I got really tired of bringing the team down so I decided to practice, and I started playing hours at a time. I can say that I’m pretty decent now, almost good!

Day 30 - Favourite Game of All Time

This is the first game I ever completed. *sigh… I have so much love for this game… =] Probably the reason why I’m such a JRPG fan girl to this day.

…and that concludes 30 Days of Gaming! Thanks a lot if you’ve been reading this and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. It was really nostalgic at some points along the way. Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of February’s topic!


Ragnarok Online - Talon Server

That’s me~! The little blue one with the goggles and the health and mana bar beneath the character.


Halo: Reach

I’ve been playing this one hardcore because my roommates play this a lot and when we play together I hate being the one that drags the team down. I reached Warrant Officer Grade 2 in about 3 days so that was cool. Ryan challenged me to beat hyoung before she came back from her internship and she’s a Lt. Colonel Grade 3… which equals me leveling up at least once a day. Yea, not happening. -_-“