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Back in second year, I played this game so much I dreamt in falling tetrominoes. I remember leaving my DS on for weeks at a time trying to achieve the highest score I could, in the end, I only managed 55405446. I played this while on the phone with the girlfriend… how’d she know? She could hear the rapid clicking of my thumbs on the buttons and then she’d get mad at me, and I’d apologize and say I’d stop, then keep playing but try to tap softer but she’d hear me anyways lol. I stopped doing that since I don’t have time to play much anymore. =b

I used to play via wifi too, challenging anyone who’d play. The people who played online were like me.. they played chronically, so most of our games were back and forth for a long time. They’d win one, I’d win one, etc, etc.

In third year, I tetris-ed over 60 cases of beer into the back of Heather’s van for the band’s bottle drive and crammed 4 of us in too. I was proud ^^ Best use of game experience ever.

Tetris + beer + van = WIN