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You know, if I was a parent, it would be at this point that I’d rip the game from his hands, stash it in my backpack, and force him to enjoy history goddamnit. This vacation cost a lot and the game is only for the hotel and travel time.

imagine trying to force someone to think that stonehenge is fun

"look kid we’re a ridiculous distance from a bunch of broken rocks how could you possibly be bored this is totally an appropriate vacation spot for someone this age."

Ah, fuck. Shit like this always gets to me, the tired old technophobe spiel and maybe it’s because it’s so rampant in my field (I work in outdoor education), but it just starts feeling so goddamn derivative after a while, nouveau hipsters who think the world is ending because kids play too many video games.

But what we’re missing is that this kid’s parents bought him his SP and a copy of Leaf Green (the employee at the game store said it would be perfect for him) so that he would shut up on the plane ride over and not bother them in the hotel, imagining that as soon as they touched down the kid would put the thing down and appreciate all the castles and grass and cafes and operas and rocks and ~*~culture~*~, because that’s what culture and history are, right? A bunch of old rocks.

What they missed is this kid staying up way past his bedtime the night before their plane flew out on message boards and chat rooms trying to find out which is the best starter, finally settled on a Squirtle and named it Rocky, and right now while his parents are appreciating rocks he and Rocky have got to save the whole world from Team Rocket because he’s a hero and that’s what heroes do and he’s so invested in this story and this world, he thinks he might have found the place where Machops live, why should he care about a guide droning on about Romans and a bunch of old people taking pictures?

But please, go ahead and take the Gameboy from him, break it in half and remind him that you spent A LOT on this vacation, and HOW DARE HE. You will FORCE him to ENJOY his GODDAMN VACATION because it’s REAL LIFE. Wonder why he’s so upset, you’re the one who spent money on the thing? All he invested in it was time and emotion, and those things are definitely less important than money, when you’re eight. Wonder why he’s so disconnected from education, when you’ve managed to turn it into a punishment, a deprivation, a source of misery? Go on and repeat the tired old technophobe line until you’re red in the face, share it on Facebook and reblog it on Tumblr and retweet it on Twitter: nobody but you knows how to live ~*~REAL LIFE~*~ because we’re so busy exploring imaginary worlds.

Kids don’t just need to be taught when to use devices, we as their parents and guardians also need to be taught why they use devices. If a kid is more invested in Kanto than Stonehenge, why? How can we change our approach so kids ~*~appreciate real history~*~? And if not, can’t we just accept and appreciate that this kid will go back to the third grade, say “Yeah, I saw Stonehenge, it was neat, but who wants to trade a Haunter for my Machoke?”

the commentary!

That was quite possibly the most effective argument on the subject I’ve ever read!  Thank you, that was an eye-opening perspective… even as one who plays video games all the time, I don’t think I could have come to the same conclusion.

Reblogging for the commentary.

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Asker dylzim Asks:
Apologies if you've answered this in the past, but where does the name "twostupideggs" come from? Curious!
twostupideggs twostupideggs Said:

Funny story actually…

I started using twostupideggs almost 5 years ago. It came from a marching band social I was at at my friend’s place. We were all eating pizza, sitting around the TV, just surfing channels. We come across Omni 2, and this Chinese movie was playing. Turns out it was a softcore porn about a couple trying to make ends meet and they resort to filming themselves in an amateur video. That movie’s name is Two Stupid Eggs. 


a haiku about kingdom hearts:

oh my fucking shit

heal me god fucking dammit

for fuck’s sake donald

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I’m not one for earings.. but this is badass. lol in a geeky kind of badass way.

Geek fashion done well…




I’m not one for earings.. but this is badass. lol in a geeky kind of badass way.

Geek fashion done well…



kirby macarons!

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Journey NES Psuedo Hoaxes 

Created by Michael Azzi


What Video Games Taught Me 

destiny is never left to chance

destiny is never left to chance

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The Walking Dead Season Two: Telltale Games reveal first details, debut trailer

The Walking Dead: Season Two continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse.

Catch the debut trailer here.



this is literally the most nerdy thing i have ever seen in my whole god forsaken life on this shit earth

i want 60

Can you imagine driving a car that swivels on such an axis though? #whoajustaspeedbump#ohnowmycarisfacingthesun#welp

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Culture of Violence

For Elisabeth Hasslehack.

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