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I used to be a big PC fan, but lately my attention has largely centred around console games. Back then we had our Starcraft, Tycoons, Age of the Empires, Sims, Counter Strikes… these games, for the most part, didn’t require a super machine to play. Accessibility seemed more important then than it is now for PC game developers. The PC has evolved into this amazing piece of software, arguably the most powerful gaming platform with endless possibilities. 

To be fair though, game developers also have more capable platforms to work with. So accessibility no longer means within one platform - it means the ability to make games look, play and run the best over the span of multiple platforms because console hardware can now keep up. This of course reaches larger audiences… but in a different way. 

I think my affinity towards console gaming stems from an equal playing field. People’s set ups around the world are pretty much identical. TV, console, controller and you. Sure, there are deviations with the kind of TV you have or the speed of your connection, but for the most part… offline play anyway (okay.. sandbox games too, but you know what I mean), everyone essentially has the same experience. With the PC, they have gaming keyboards, mice or headsets, gaming computers or laptops, and then within those you have your graphics cards, sound cards or RAM. Now brings in the issue of “can your computer run this game smoothly and not burn itself to a crisp?” 

I’m currently using the laptop my brother bought 3 years ago because it can run more games than my old laptop that I bought just under 2 years ago (I couldn’t even run Mass Effect). My laptop is constantly on top of a cooling fan, (the old one too… but run Starcraft II for more than 45 minutes? *tsssss) so that removes the portability aspect of my laptop. I can’t run games like Batman: Arkham City or Skyrim… see, at least if a game is released for a certain console, I know that I’ll be able to play it. I have a computer, but there’s all this extra stuff I have to know about before I should even consider buying games. 

So then we have sites like “Can You Run It?" which gives you a list of games to choose from, pick the one you’re searching for and the site will run a diagnostics on your machine, telling you if you meet the basic requirements for running that game at its lowest settings. It shows you on a gradient scale, so that you can also see if you can run the game on its highest settings. 

Where do I think things will go from here? PCs will only get more and more powerful. Their capacities and memory storage will continue to grow. On the console front, they’ll mostly be playing catch-up with the PC. I think they’ve given up on that though, and turned it into a war amongst themselves. “Who can create the coolest, more expensive new toy that everyone will drool over?” sort of thing. I don’t worry about the PC gaming industry though… the public constantly wants more and better and faster, so it’s not like PC developers will be making power-draining games so fast that people can’t catch up with their hardware. At least with consoles, you’ve got a 5-10 year turnover period before each company starts churning out another generation.

I do think that this makes console gaming a little more attractive to the less loyal, fanboy heavy gamers though. So maybe that’s the most dangerous part for the PC gaming industry.

EDIT: Of course, for the most part I’m talking about more mainstream games. There are a lot of gold nugget indie games, and those pretty much work for any PC you can guy today… however, they don’t draw in as much revenue as the big game stuff, making them somewhat less of a player in their power to dictate a platform’s future.


Does this count as a sequel or remake? No matter, it was bad either way. As an upgrade to a N64 game, I’d say it looks just like a N64 game >_>.This game was hyped up so much and people got so excited for its release… and for what? People expected greatness from Goldeneye… but nope. You get none of that, gypsy.

The graphics weren’t given upgrades, the multiplayer system wasn’t anything special, the controls for the game were unresponsive and difficult to control, and just all together not that fun of an experience. This game is definitely a far cry from what its original was and disappointed me.


Had a pretty chillax day today. Hung out with the parents and organized my old laptop for my dad and then sorted out his email issues. I left the house around 4:30 and got to David’s place for 5. Took my wii over and played Donkey Kong Country Returns for a little with him before heading over to Danusha’s place to take him to Square One so he could go gift shopping. That man is more difficult to shop with than a girl.

After that we headed over to Chaitya’s house and watched Elf after we couldn’t decide what else to do or where to go. Parth came over too. We then spent an hour on Sporcle doing quizzes. By then it was 1 in the morning.

The drive home was relaxing for the most part… until I drove by these guys who then caught up to me at a red light and tried to catch my eye to wave at me…

Things guys shouldn’t do to girls they don’t know:

-wave at her from the backseat of a car any time past midnight

- stop her to ask for directions or the time

Nothing else is coming to me now… but unless you know her, boys just shouldn’t talk to girls. You will scare us off.

So yea, for the rest of the drive home I tried to calm myself down. I tried to make myself believe that he was just being friendly and waving to me. It really didn’t help that he had a fucking creepy moustache and goatee though.

Tomorrow I drive to St. Catharines to pick my brother up from Brock. I’m going alone! So excited =]